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How to stop your cat from getting Hairballs

Hairballs Why do they happen?

Hairballs happen because cats have barbed tongues. They have these little protuberances out of their tongue, and once they groom themselves or they groom other pets, they get hair off of themselves and off of the other pets and they swallow it. At that point, only two things can happen: hair can go on through their digestive tract, or they yak it back up as a hairball.

So, how do we prevent hairballs from happening, or at least decrease the frequency? I've got 5 tips for you.

Number 1
you are going to go ahead and make sure that you groom my cat and my other pets before the hair gets eaten. What that means is this: Loose hair is going to get swallowed, unless you get to it first. So you are going to brush and groom your other pets, get rid of that loose hair so it doesn't get swallowed and then thrown back up later on.

Number 2
you can do a lot with diets and treats and supplements. By switching to hairball diets and things, usually these are higher in fiber and that just helps move everything on through. Some of the supplements can also help stop clumping of the hair, things like that. So there is a lot of stuff you'll do there.

Number 3
you are going to keep your cat hydrated. This just helps wash everything through. And a couple tips for getting cats to drink more I like spreading water bowls away from food so they're other places
and the cats find them and drink more.

Number 4
If you want a healthy active cat. And so if you can keep your cat exercising and healthy and lean
they're going to have better skin and better haircoats and we're going to have less problems.

number 5
If you've done these things, and your cat continues to vomit and have hairballs, go get them checked out at the vet, because there might be a deeper problem.