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Why are cats scared of cucumbers

just like humans cats are also afraid of things that seem to pose a danger to them according to recent research cats have been known to be afraid of cucumbers naturally cats tend to be scared of things that sneak up on them without making any noise because it may represent a danger to them theories have been developed to help explain the cat's behavior but there is yet a definite answer.

the first theory according to slobo dodgy cough is it's possible that they can't see the cucumbers as snakes which are deadly predators to cats cats have a strong instinct to avoid snakes so by seeing the cucumber their initiative fear kicks in the physical appearance of the cucumber qualifies it which is it's green color and the extended posterior.

a second theory according to Michael Delgado a cat behavior consultant and PhD student who studied human pet relationships say that the cats purr seemly afraid of cucumbers when they suddenly appear behind them causing them to be scared cats have good situational awareness and they never let their guard down cats are very suspicious of the unknown.

another theory by another scientist certified in animal behavior Jill Goldman from Southern California the cucumbers help to trigger the natural startle response of the cat since they normally don't see cucumbers on the floor in startled response the cat moves from the place the cucumber is as fast as possible and recesses the cucumber from a distance.

according to dr. Roger Mugford an animal behavioral specialist says that the cats are afraid of the cucumber because of the unexpectedness and novelty of finding an unusual object a cucumber secretly placed behind them cats are also hypersensitive to their surroundings and thus the appearance of objects suddenly in there oundings has them spooked naturally if I can't spots something slithering on the ground its reaction is to jump a few feet up in the air which is a survival mechanism according to slow Baadshah cough.

the presence of the cucumber behind the cat causes confusion to the cat since they associate those areas with security and safety.

another uncommon theory simply states that cats are simply afraid of cucumbers because of this smell or the shape of it however bringing new objects and playing with them with your pet can be good for mental stimulation but it isn't nice to scare our cats with objects as this causes the cat to be stressed.

cats are very sensitive animals and by pranking them with foreign objects when they're not aware could result to sickness behaviors such as vomiting change in appetite diarrhea are not even using their litter box it can also cause harm to their health by causing anxiety behavioral issues aggressive behavior and even PTSD cats may injure themselves or cause damage to other items nearby in the process of running away or jumping from the object it's important to remember that cats are solitary animals and thus a new item should be introduced gradually.

why are cats afraid of cucumbers have you been around the internet you've probably seen a lot of stories or videos about cats freaking out but no one really ever talks about the actual reason

a lot of people claim that maybe the cucumber looks like a snake you know it's long and green and when it's behind the cat it startles a cat because it sees a creature and it thinks it's in danger but it's also been said that the same thing happens with avocados and cats.

so it's obviously not a shape thing they have nothing in common except for maybe the color however we weren't about to test and freak out our cat so for the purposes of this we just sort of exposed them to these fruits and vegetables then they just sort of walked up did you see smell them see what's going on hey you need to wash that before you eat it mom and dad.

yeah they pretty much don't care so which kind of brings us to the next point well maybe it's not so much the you know the actual objects it's just the fact that it is a large object behind a cat in general so imagine like if you were you know eating or something and you turned around and there was a large green object or figure behind you that wasn't there before you probably would be freaked out it would be you know it's in your safety bubble you don't have time to react you see there you know

you either fight or you flee and I think a lot of times the cats can't make that judgment call so they
just freak out and scare you away when reality if they had time to actually just look at it nothing wouldn't happen I don't thin there would be they may approach it because it's a new object but it wouldn't have been so scared.

another thing that some people have mentioned is that the texture and color of both avocados and cucumbers are very similar and maybe to a cat's eyes they look like danger some scientists are actually like working on figuring out what the world looks like through a cat's eyes and what that could mean.

it's said that cats don't see the world the same way we do obviously they have very good ability to see at night and some people also say they can't see the Cal green as well so if you're a scientist and you're reading this article we would love to know your thoughts because this is something like that comes with pretty opportunity conversations about cats.

in conclusion though we think it's more so about the introduction of the odd the action of placing the object behind the cat when it doesn't know what's there well do some people find the reaction funny.

I think it's really that's it is just because the cat doesn't know it's there the cats of cats are very observant so if something magically appears behind it of course it's gonna freak out it doesn't matter if it's a cucumber and avocado or really anything I think it's just a matter of their perception and then realizing something much closer it potentially puts them in danger so they flee we'd love to hear your thoughts on this too.