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Sadist owner tortures his dog for this reason

Someone writes on his twitter page after seeing a miserable scene of a dog laying on the side of the street drowning in its blood after eating some food containing sharp subjects.

Stephanie, 24 years old from newyork an animal lover and a valentire for serving and providing health care and safety for dogs says:

"while i was going back home from work, i was surprised from seeing a sad scene of a dog suffering from pain and aches, when i came to see from close distance i found  some unhealthy dog food manifested in sausage containing nails wich caused the poor dog to bleed from his mouth"

"i don"t know who was respensible for dowing this horrible behaviour but i certenly demaind the associations related to dog helping and rescuing to make an insurance and prevent such illegal acts."

"Yet on my side i acted quickly and took the dog to a dog vet to provide it with the necessarily health care and a regular diet of healthy food and i used to visit the dog every now and then to make sure its health condition is developping and after 4 months it regained its health and mentains a normal life."