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Top 10 DevOps Tools List Which DevOps Tool Should You Learn

Today I'm going to discuss about the Top 10 DevOps Tools that you should learn if you are looking to make a career in DevOps. So let me just give you a small introduction of what exactly devops is and then we'll start with our list.

This is the methodology that we are using before DevOps, which is called the waterfall model. And waterfall model they have a lot of issues because the entire source code of the application was first built then tested and then deployed onto the prod service.

So if there's any bug developers have to go to the entire source code of the application and there are many other issues as well with the Waterfall model then games the agile methodology that made the Dev part of the company agile, but the Ops part was still not able to cope up with the speed the with which the developers were writing the code, now in order to solve that problem develops was introduced and this is what Devops methodology is. It is basically an infinite Loop, which means that everything is continuous.

So the moment any developer commit to go to the shared repository, it will be pulled by a continuous integration server that will prepare a build then it will test it. It will finally deploy it onto the process server for release and will be continuously monitored by the continuous monitoring tools.

So this is a small introduction that I've given to you about devops. Let's move forward and we're going to talk about the Top 10 DevOps Tools.

There is an order in which we have created this list. First, We're going to talk about the Version Control tools. Then we are going to talk about the continuous integration tools. Then comes the continuous testing then comes configuration management and finally continuous monitoring.
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