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How to Pass AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

Aws Developer Associate Certificate

How to Pass AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

hi welcome animabuz training today we will discuss how to pass AWS certified developer associate exam

what is the AWS certified developer associate exam

Amazon Web Services certification is becoming one of the most trending and a must-have certification for an IT professional working in the cloud computing field.

the AWS certified developer associate is one of the three associate level certification offered by Amazon Web Services.

AWS certified developer associate exam demonstrates your understanding of core AWS services their uses and basic AWS architecture best practices as well as your proficiency and development deployment and debugging cloud based applications using AWS.

why Amazon Web service 

many organizations have their own cloud services that have resulted in a big competition with other cloud services to be on top Amazon Web Services comes under the top cloud services with having a good impact on individuals and companies globally.

AWS has three certification levels starting from associate level to professional level.

AWS certified developer associate is one of the basic AWS certification architecture you can see the basic exam details for AWS certified developer associate below.

1. deployment

deployment domain in AWS developer associate exams covers 22% of total weight with topics covered such as first deploying the written code in AWS using CD pipelines and patterns, second how to use aaliyan Beanstalk for deploying applications, third how to prepare the deployment package application for deploying it to AWS, fourth server less application deploy.

2. security

security domain of AWS developer associate includes authentication and encryption methods with having 26% of weight it is considered to be an important section in this certification this includes first how to make authenticated calls to AWS services, second implementing applications for author and authentication, third implementing encryption using AWS services.

3. developing with AWS services 

this domain covers the 30% of the exam that is need to be focused more when preparing the section which are covered in this domain are first how to translate functional requirements into application designs, second writing code for server les applications and code that interacts with AWS services using API s and AWS CLI , third implementing application design into application code.

4. refactoring and maintaining

this domain will provide deep knowledge about the AWS services and the features included in it it covers 10% of wait agent exam and the sections covered in at our first migrating the existing application code to run on AWS , second optimizing the applications for using best features of AWS services.

5. monitoring and troubleshooting

covers 12%  which you will develop skills to identify faults and how to monitor it this section covers first writing code to get it monitored, second performing root cause analysis on the faults found during testing or production exam.

prerequisites for AWS developer associate exam

first it is necessary to have more than one years hands-on experience in maintaining and developing AWS based applications second you should have proficiency in at least one advanced level programming language with knowledge an AWS core services third you should know how to write code for server les applications and how to use AWS service api's SDK and AWS CLI to write applications exam structure.

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