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advantages of pursuing an MS in accounting

I was an accounting student you might find yourself at a crossroads wondering whether to continue your current education and earn an MS in accounting when might this make sense good question glad you asked.

advantages of pursuing an MS in accounting

probably the most common reason to pursue your MS in accounting is so that you can become a certified public and accountant or a CPA certified public accountant and that will require your having to take a CPA exam in many states.

there's specific coursework and credit hour minimums to sit for the CPA exam and they vary from state to state and a master's in accountancy degree will usually enable you to achieve the minimum credit hours regardless of your undergraduate coursework.

most states require the completion of one hundred and fifty credit hours at a minimum at the undergraduate and graduate level in order to sit for the CPA exam bear in mind that different schools have different names for a master's in accounting some called a masters of Accountancy or an MS and accountancy or a master of professional accountancy degree so as you're looking over the various websites you might think oh these are all different things they're not it's just different names for the same phenomenon.

getting your MS in accounting further prepares you for career possibilities and it's also necessary if you want to go to the PhD track particularly if you're considering the teaching route at the college level then obviously an MS would make a really good sense in that case because it's a prerequisite for doing your doctoral work.

an MS in accounting can also prepare you for other professional accounting exams besides the CPA exam you might choose a career in corporate accounting for example and take the certified management accountant CRCMA exam or the certified internal audit the CI auditor the CIA exam.

if you're considering a graduate degree but not sure your career path or if you're more interested in a general business degree than you might consider doing an MBA as opposed to an MS in accounting but if you are clear that you're going the accounting route in terms of your career and you're going to be sitting for the CPA exam then an MS in accounting is for you.