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Best insurance companies in UAE and Dubai

Best insurance companies in UAE and Dubai

if you are considering to insure yourself, your property or the vehicle this article will help you to figure out the best insurance company in UAE. most of the life insurance company in uae they provide the similar life insurance plan.

1. term life: it is valid for predefined tenor provide coverage in case of disability or dismiss of the insurer.

2. whole life: valid for entire life of the holder provide coverage in case of disability or dismiss of the insurer.

3.Endowment plan: Endowment insurance plan where lump sum is provided after method period the plant come with additional coverage in case of unfortunate disability or dismiss of the insurer.

4. unit link: integration of the insurance and investment plans the death benefit will be paid in case of dismiss or disability of the policy holder.

top insurance company in the uae

1. union life insurance

union life insurance was established in 1998 and it has headquarters in dubai united arab emirates the company has full-fledged branches and sub-branches across the uae.

2. alliance life

it has been working in the uae insurance market since 1975 as a leading insurance company in the country alliance offered the premium insurance product to the individual corporate and government entity.

3. salma insurance

it is the islamic insurance which is leader of sharia compliant and takaful solution it is the most oldest insurance company in the gulf region and it offered the competitive and diverse daca full solution to the individual and the organization.

4. oman's insurance

it is not only the best insurance company anyway but also the best organization in the gulf region the company has 15 branches in uae and internationally it has operated office in qatar as well as the other gulf country.

5. made life Alico

it is the international american insurance firm and regional headquarter is in dubai made life offered to individual and establishment various type of insurance package including life insurance, travel insurance, health insurance and other non-life insurance plan.