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Chuck Schumer confirms he has the votes

Chuck Schumer confirms he has the votes

This past week there has been a whole lot of fear and loathing about how Senate Republicans are going to magically block the Democrats from passing any of their agenda. Palmer Report has already spelled out in great detail that nothing is this simplistic, and – whether it be through reconciliation, or filibuster modifications – the Democrats will pass their agenda.

Sure enough, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced on Saturday night that while he would prefer that the Republicans join him in passing the COVID relief package, he’s getting it done anyway. Schumer didn’t specify whether he’ll do it through reconciliation, or whether the Democrats will modify the filibuster rules to allow this kind legislation to pass with fifty votes, or some other method. But it’s clear that it’s going to pass.

Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republican minority don’t have magic powers. Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democratic majority aren’t hapless damsels in distress. The Democrats will be able to pass their legislation. Our job is to fight alongside them on this, not to fret over doomsday scenarios being trotted out by the media to try to milk us for ratings.