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what is an MBA degree

an MBA basically stands for masters and Business Administration it is one of the most valuable master's degrees one can get to advance their career where it's not uncommon for newly minted MBA graduates to earn close to six figures and in many cases well into the six-figure market depending on a number of factors like school prior work experience and industry needless to say the potential.

now in order to get into an MBA program you must have first of all an undergraduate degree and that undergraduate degree could be an engineering could be in business could be in computer science could be in English could be in any field but you must have that undergraduate degree before being enrolled in an MBA program.

secondly you need to take what is called the GMAT exam if you are wanting to enroll in an MBA program in the United States the GMAT exam is roughly a two and a half to three hour exam it is computerized it is multiple-choice and after taking this exam you can decide where you want.

the GMAT scores to be sent to which universities you want them to be sent to and they'll go ahead and send those scores to those schools upon completion of the GMAT exam you will need to apply to various MBA schools and where they offer the program and once you get accepted you will you can go ahead and start your MBA program.

MBA full time

MBA program will last approximately two years if you do it on a part-time level it can last up to three to three-and-a-half years depending on how rigorously motivated you are to complete the MBA program but in general a full-time MBA program will take two years and the benefits of having the MBA degree is that it gives you the business sense and the business skills and the business knowledge to be able to manage your own business effectively and professionally so it is definitely worth investing those two years in an established institution to get an MBA degree and be able to then take on a much higher level role at a corporation or if it's for managing your on business you have the skillsets involved in being able to manage your own private business more effectively to ensure that your business succeeds.

in an MBA program a curriculum typically consists of a handful of core business concepts like accounting finance marketing supply chain process management organization and leadership now every school will present these concepts in a slightly different way some of the concepts may overlap a little bit and some schools may add some learnings here but the general idea is that you get a well-rounded business education so that you become a more strategic thinker and decision maker in an organization.

as an added benefit many MBA programs offer specialization or concentrations where a student can pursue a smaller track in a specific industry or topic examples of this might be data analytics innovation real estate digital marketing and healthcare and really the list goes on there's a lot of schools that offer many specializations.