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How To Choose a GPU for Mining

How To Choose a GPU for Mining

AMD and Nvidia are better at mining on different algorithms but which algorithm and GPU coin let's say is better at the certain types well i will show you that in a really easy graph.

first of all we have AMD and AMD has Rx series graphics cards called Radeon. the Radeon graphics cards are the best at the daggerhashimoto algorithm also known as hash for people that are using what to mine and we have a lot of coins with daggerhashimoto or fhash as algorithm for example ethereum (ETH), ethereum classic (ETC), dubaicoin (DBIX), ubik (UBQ), musiccoin (MUSIC), expanse (EXP) and soilcoin (SOIL).

there's probably even more of these but we're just calling the main coins let's say that are around but this graphics cards comes from a low to mid price range because you can buy Rx560 for about 130 bucks but you can also go to Rx580 that go about to 300 bucks and beyond that.

and also we have nvidia geforce gtx, the gtx 10 series are pretty darn good at mining as well nvidia with the geforce gtx series and these are the best at mining equihash and if you don't know that that's something like zcash but it all started with zcash (ZEC) but you also have zcash classic (ZCL), hush (HUSH), bitcoin z (BTCZ), bitcoin gold (BTCG), zencash (ZEN) and komodo (KMD).

if you want to mine bitcoin gold in the future i would recommend buying some gtx geforce builds because these cards are really the best at it and they come at a low to high price range so you can buy GTX1060 for about 200$ but you can also go to GTX1080 ti's that are about 700 to 750 dollars each but you can really choose what you want but if you're really going to do bitcoin gold mining i would recommend buying nvidia geforce gtx series cards.

but we also have another candidate and yeah of course it's another AMD card but the Rx vega are also doing something pretty special. so the final cards that we're gonna show off that are doing better stuff than usual on a certain type of coin are the AMD vega series their mining performance is a whopping huge amount on cryptonight or also known as monero mining so you can mine monero (XMN), sumocoin (SUMO), bytecoin (BCN) and digitalnote (XDN) like no other card can do.

these cards can go up to 2000 hashes per second on monero mining and nvidia and amd cards are just half of that and these cards are a mid to high price range because the Rx56 series is about 400$ and the Rx64 series is about 550$ so it's still really expensive let's say to build a mining rig out of this.