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This Smartphone lasts 50 DAYS without Charging

This Smartphone lasts 50 DAYS without Charging

energizer no and mainly for that batteries have just gone and done something crazy and I've got three smartphones to show you back to back in this article and I think each one will impress you in its open way.

first up and the lowest end phone here is the energizer ultimate U620s pop catchy naming I know but it's really well-built the phone is encased in Gorilla Glass 3 has a well placed side mounted fingerprint scanner and in my opinion looks every bit as good as flagships that are coming out now.

LG could learn a thing or two also I refuse to believe this is coincidence a smart phone has a pop-up dual camera which creates the silhouette of one of the company's iconic batteries it's a cool touch it is 299 dollars and it's easy to forget that the phone runs Android 9 and you get a full HD plus LCD display that fills the whole front of the phone.

and mind you minimizes the chin a lot better than far more expensive rivals it's got a triple camera on the back which is not gonna be close to flagship performance but still at $299 10 out of 10 for effort it's even pretty powerful I had a meeting with the guys behind this and whilst one of them insisted this is upper mid-range I'd say just mid range covers it which is fine for the price it runs a MediaTek p 70 chip with 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage.

2. the power max P18k pop

it's a complete monstrosity of a smart phone in fact even to call it a phone would be a touch of a stretch seeing as this thing weighs more than some tablets at 472 grams it's still just a solid well-built but surprising because it's in a form factor that I've never seen before.

you know the funny thing is though that energizer have built a device thicker than three flagship phones stacked on top of each other and still haven't added a headphone jack it's ironic but it does make sense because this phone is all about the battery and a headphone jack might cut into that or mean the production of a custom cell to fit around it.

at 18,000 MAH this is the largest battery I've ever seen on a phone and when it releases around summer time it'll be a world record breaker and they've managed this by stacking three six thousand million Power Cells on top of each other so what are the numbers well according to the chief product guy a conservative estimate would be 40 hours of gaming, 90 hours of call time and a pretty staggering 50 days of standby time.

it comes with a fast charger too but just because of how much of a unit this device is it still takes nine hours to charge in terms of other specs it's pretty much identical to the first phone I showed you but this mammoth battery has essentially doubled the price of a phone which I was quoted would be on sale for around $600 I be curious would you consider paying double for a phone with a significantly better battery.

3. the power max P8100 S

it's actually quite a serious phone although they didn't have any pre-release models for me to try it should combine a price that is to quote definitely not $2,000 and top tier specifications there'll be a mediatek version but also a 5d one powered by the Snapdragon 805 chip with a 10,000 MAH battery and a 48 megapixel dual camera setup on the back.

while I was at the booth I was also drawn to this lifetime at warranty sticker that was all over the place and turns out it's not quite what it seems but they say that if you have any hardware or software issue in the first three years of using one of their phones they'll immediately repair or replace it so it's still pretty cool.