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Top 10 Low-Code Development Platforms

Top 10 Low-Code Development Platforms

companies are no longer settling for one-size-fits-all tools and services, opting instead for development platforms or DPS, thanks to API software development kits and their local capabilities it's no wonder that development platforms have become the way to go.

10. out systems

out systems delivers a powerful low code DP equipped with a variety of robust features these include third-party libraries as well as application template and a proprietary integrated development environment also multiple users can go in a single environment to develop one module at a time make for easier user and role management.

9. quick base

to build applications to support the collection and storage of information look no further than quick base the beauty of their offering is that you don't need to have a wealth of knowledge behind you in particular. QuickBase uses pre-built application connectors to support integration with popular cloud-based solutions while supporting advanced security features.

8. Appain

Appain proprietary integrated development environment makes it stand out in the Low-code DP market businesses of all sizes can take use of Appains offerings to create applications for internal use it even oftens tools for application testing and this year the company received recognition in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for low-code application platforms for 2020.

7. Microsoft power apps

the Microsoft power apps solution is easy to use boosting and intuitive workspace similar to excels users can use the platform to build applications based on their databases using pre-established models a special bonus of power apps is that developers can give employees access to tools so that they can independently create services they need the most.

6. Mendax

Mendax is offering comes with a higher level of fault tolerance it's also very easy to use and can be deployed with a single click making us a particularly friendly solution for anyone new to DPS, mendax also offers a fully customizable experience and by being on an open that form you don't need to worry about being locked into a manufacturer.

5. Radzen

Radzen is renowned for helping customers build applications and access services with ease more specifically radzen and creates angular applications and gives you pre generated code to customize and use how you wish furthermore order files you generate are available to open in Visual Studio code the radzen team are also always working to ensure the platform is constantly evolving.

4. Zoho creator

Zoho creator is notoriously flexible and easy to use it prides itself on a rich selection of features with an attractive interface with zoho you can create simple applications while giving your team access to important services interestingly Zoho facilitates a specially created language called deluge to create your own code.

3. Google app maker

Google app maker can work with you to create simple applications in half an hour or less quickly transforming anyone into a developer the user interface has tools for managing access roles and creating server or client scripts in particular the app integrates with some of Google's most popular services and applications.

2. kissflow

for organizations looking to automate their workflows and up productivity kissflow is a great choice, the kissflow environment is closely coupled with Google Apps portfolio and you can also use it to collect information from dynamic tables and environments it comes with a 14 day free trial as well as affordable paid packages.

1. Salesforce platform

automating repetitive processes is all the rage right now and Salesforce offers an excellent platform to get you there the Salesforce platform supports simple object access protocol environments as well as representational state transfer protocols - with a number of powerful tools rolled into one platform there's nothing you can't do with Salesforce.