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“Why does a cat eat its children?” Here are five scientific reasons

Seeing a mother cat eating one or more of her newborn kittens can be a sad sight, and this event usually leads to shock, frustration, and even disgust.

Knowing the answer, "Why do cats eat their young?", Will help us know how to respond correctly in this situation, and we will show you the reasons that make the cat engage in this behavior.

The mother cat assesses the health of the kitten at birth, and if it finds that it lacks the chance to survive and it is very small, and that it will continue to suffer from pain for a long time, so it proceeds to kill its young kittens.

The second case in which if one of the young cats was exposed to the disease at birth, the mother cat feels anxious, and is afraid of transmitting the infection to the rest of the young, so she eats the sick cat to protect him.

One of the strange reasons why a cat eats its young is that if the mother cat gave birth at a time outside of its breeding season, she accepts to get rid of them immediately so that she is given a better chance during the breeding season.

Despite the instinct of the cat mother in some cases, it is possible for the cat to lack the instinct of mothers for some time. She may not know what to do when her children are born and her kittens eat out of confusion and fear for them.

Press reports say that a cat mother may kill her young if someone touches the kittens after birth while the mother is away from them, so there will be a smell of this person in the cats, and the mother is not able in this case to know whether these cats are her children or not due to a change Smell them so you kill them.