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Introduction to G Suite for Education

Introduction to G Suite for Education

welcome to this introduction to G suite for education, in September 2016 google change what was Google Apps for Education to G suite for education so now it's going to have a look at what that means, although the names changed the course services haven't and as you can see all the same services are available as well previously available with Google Apps for Education or g suite for education.

the reasons to use g suite for education a below first is it's completely free that means there's no costs and no ads, the second g suite for education is the easy collaboration with all these Google services together it means you can create share and edit files in real time so everyone's on the same page and everything is also stored in the cloud giving you great access and that leads us on to the third thing you can use it on any device whether it's your laptop PC a Mac or a Chromebook whether it's your smartphone or your tablet whatever device you've got if you're connected to the Internet you can access the Google products and services.

so let's have a look at how the g suite for education services will impact your school the first is Gmail bringing Gmail to your school and that may be a product many people are familiar with there's a great way of just building your network and communicating effectively with some great tools, and collaborating on docs with Google Docs, sheets and slides you can create really impressive and professional-looking documents and presentations that will aid you in your work.

you can share calendars so you can keep on top of what you're doing and connecting together with other people, streamlining your class with Google classroom a great digital classroom where you can upload work let's make assignment and manage your classroom on a digital platform.

with Google Hangouts you can meet face to face videoconferencing also chatting and even now with Google Hangouts on air broadcasting.  You can create websites with Google Sites they've just had a recent update and it's really professional you can make your portfolios or students can save work to their websites and learn key skills but most of all you can also share all this in the cloud with Google Drive and this is where it brings it all together linking everything.

but that's not all there's more Google are constantly improving products all the time that means as users recommend things or problems occur Google are always updating and adding new features to the products and these just come in seamlessly and update themselves without you having to do updates.

there's also new products such as Google Expeditions which is a virtual reality you look around the world and this is being rolled out in many classrooms now it also connects with other popular different products such as Google Chrome search maps or scholar also with YouTube and so there's so many different things you can connect with in the Google community so that was your quick introduction to Google g suite for education we really hope that you enjoy using it now in your school.