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what is an lms

what is a learning management system perhaps you're experts in face-to-face training and you're considering the bold leap of moving your courses online but you're unsure of how to engage with your learners how to keep track of them how to present your material to your learners or even how to test them impossible to do this remotely you might think but quite the contrary thanks to the right learning management system or lms for short

so what is an lms the short answer to this question is that an lms is essentially a software application that allows you to manage the administration, documentation, tracking and reporting of your courses or training programs let's discuss this in a little bit more detail

Course Content:

first and foremost an lms is the platform that hosts your online course material and is used to distribute this material to your learners whether your course consists of documentation only video lectures animation webinars or forum discussions it's all delivered via your lms.


you'd normally do practical exercises in class to assist learners with the retention of information and to make the course more engaging no problem and lms can be used to deliver engaging and interactive activities online in fact it opens a variety of creative activity options to support the retention of information.


your face-to-face courses usually include assessments and lms allows you to create different types of assessments whether you want to include a pop quiz a graded assessment assignments reflection exercises or full on exam style assessment the right lms will cater to your needs and a big bonus announcement is that it will also do the marking and grading of some of the assessments for you so no more late nights slogging through test papers.

Learner Management:

managing your course participants has become so much easier and lms allows you to manage and track your participants journey through your course with the click of a button all learning information is available centrally and whether you want to view their grades their progress through a course when last they logged on managing user enrolment or even direct communication with your users and lms provides the perfect solution.


lms's provide instant information and therefore live reporting is possible reports can be customized and filtered to provide you with all the relevant course and user information that you may need.