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what is stem school in egypt?

STEM school it's the acronym for science technology engineering and mathematics, the disciplines that are vital for a striving economy and a safe and  technologically advanced society. Right from kindergarten till 12th grade most of stem school teaching and learning centers around science and mathematics comparebly little attention has been given to integrated technology and applying engineering techniques to have a greater understanding of the science and math concept.

for many years the four subjects have been taught in isolation but the new reform method like the next generation science standards is placing more emphasis on the connections between and among the stone disciplines to understand how this trend might affect teaching and learning in the future we need to take a closer look at integrated STEM school not just the individual subjects and make up the acronym

affecting all in the real world science relies on technology mathematics and engineering and engineering it depends on findings from science the applications of mathematics and the use of technology, imagine if kindergarten through twelfth grade students were inspired and provided fun hands-on and engaging experiences the Terkel be subject the two in integration with real-life problems or they learn more and more deeply likely see

STEM school disciplines are more relevant to their lives could it lead to more than pursuing stem courses and careers the answers to these questions depends partly on how integrated STEM school is implemented in schools and in after-school settings research suggests that implementation has to balance learning in the individual STEM school subjects with more connected ways of learning

in addition because it can be hard for students to make these connections themselves teachers should transform to facilitators and lead to make the connections exclusive inside the classroom some teachers may use instructional approaches like problem-based learning or engineering design space to teach problem solving and to introduce integrated STEM school to their students outside the classroom students have been exposed to certain connections in museums

and for instances through after-school experiences like engaging in stem school focus robotic competitions or through simple bickering however we need more research to better understand the potential benefits and limitations of integrated STEM education for students teachers and schools

what for example are the implications of integrated STEM education for high schools how can teachers be better prepared to teach in such repose integrative methods and how can we assess place to determine what they learn and what is the level of attainment and result of these Grace's stem school experiences the list of questions belongs but answering them is important for our students teachers and the nation

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