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How to remove or change Footer Copyright Text in any WordPress Theme

How to remove or change Footer Copyright Text in any WordPress Theme

Today we are going to see how you can change the copyright text on your WordPress Website.

Let’s say you have a WordPress Website, and you have a copyright text at the bottom of your site, After reading this article, you will be able to remove or change your copyright text.

there are 2 methods to change copyright text in WordPress.

The first method is to change your theme settings, using the ‘Customize’ option.

So to change the text, click ‘Customize’ And it will take you to Customize page, Now click ‘Footer’ And click ‘Footer Bar’ Here you can see the copyright section and you can change the text

Now to save the changes, Click ‘Publish’.

So this is how you can change your copyright text on your website.

some themes will not have an option to change the copyright text inside the ‘Customize’ menu.

So how do you change the copyright text when your theme does not have this option.

Let’s go to the second method of changing the copyright text, which is to use a plugin to change the text.

To change the copyright text using this method, First, we need to install the plugin

So to install the plugin, Let’s go to our WordPress dashboard, Go to ‘Plugins’ And click ‘Add New’

search for ‘Visual footer credit remover’ And you will get this plugin

this is the plugin which will help us to change our copyright text, So to install this plugin Let’s Click ‘Install’ and then click ‘Activate’

So now we have successfully installed the plugin

Now, to change the copyright text Let’s go to ‘Tools’ in dashboard And click ‘Visual Footer Credit Remover’ And It will take you to Visual Footer Credit Remover page, Here select the Footer text, which you want to change.

Once you click the text, it will be removed from here.

And now enter the text you want So once you have done that, Just click ‘Save’ and now click ‘Ok’ And your text will be changed

So now, if we go back to our website, And click ‘Refresh’ You can see that we have successfully changed the copyright text using the plugin.

That’s it guys So this is how you can change your footer copyright text on your wordpress website.

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