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D3P6. Skellig Michael, Ireland

6. Skellig Michael, Ireland

If you’ve seen the new Star Wars trilogy, you will know this as Ahch-To, the remote island planet where Luke Skywalker scurried off to because his nephew Ben’s journey to the Dark Side made him feel super sad! But anyway, in real life it’s located in Ireland and if you go there you might just die. That’s because the 1,000 year-old steps are super crumbly, slippery, and lack rails. Add to this the strong winds that will literally blow you away. Sometimes the ocean waves are far to treacherous for you to even make it onto the island in the first place. It is probably a sign that you should just spend your vacation at home watching Netflix instead.

5. Madidi National Park, Bolivia

This place looks pretty freakin’ sweet. At least that’s what the murderous plants want you to believe. Madidi is host to some of the most dangerous fauna in the world, and contact with them can create all sorts of health problems and even death. Oh, and if you are unfortunately enough to nick your finger during the trip, it will mostly likely become infected by tropical parasites.